User Notes

This quality policy manual contains the quality manual requirements (quality policies) for:

Quality Management Systems – Requirements (ISO9001:2015)


Quality Management Systems – Requirements For Aviation, Space And Defense Organizations (AS9100D).

The quality policy manual is supported by a quality assurance procedures manual, including sample forms. 

Responsibilities and authorities are expressed in red except for the quality management representative, also known as quality assurance manager, quality manager.

Management responsibility and authority positions should reflect those of your organisation; e.g., change “chief executive officer” to “managing director”, “managers” to “directors” or other titles where applicable.

Please examine carefully duties assigned to each management level.  Reassign them as appropriate for your organisation. (don’t be in a hurry to do this!)

Prepare the organisation charts with level of authority and the responsible person underneath. The quality management representative should report directly to the CEO.

Consider whether you might be eligible for exemptions for some sections such as design and development control. Please bear in mind you will have to justify these claims to the certification body when applying for certification assessment.

Qualidoc manuals have been tested thoroughly through many years of successful assessment and certification to international quality management standards.