What is Qualidoc?

Qualidoc is a quality system development platform comprising

  • Quality Policy Manual
  • Quality Assurance Procedures Manual
  • Quality System Internal Audit Checklist

The documents are downloaded via the Qualidoc website for a user fee. Free samples of the documents are available via free registration.

Quality Audit System

Qualidoc enables the user to implement and maintain:


**Quality Management Systems – Requirements (ISO9001:2008 (2015))


**Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space & Defence Organizations (AS9100C and AS9101 Revision E)

Qualidoc can be used to conduct a gap analysis to ensure continuity and clarity of processes, documentation, responsibility and authority within the organisation, from Request for Quotation and contract review (customer requirements) to delivery.

**Anticipated changes in ISO9001:2015 are covered via the Quality System Internal Audit Checklist.

**The basic requirements for AS9116 Notice of Change (NOC) and AS9102
Requirements for First Article Inspection issued in October 2014 are included in the Qualidoc package.

Qualidoc is Online

Qualidoc templates are available to members through a secure login area.

Once signed up, members have access to all the documents listed below with the following benefits:

  • The Qualidoc templates are stored in a central location
  • The default Qualidoc templates are always available
  • The templates are kept up to date. Revisions are available via the Document Revisions section
  • Each section is neatly separated but linked within the website and the document templates, to make it easy to find and use them


Quality Policy Manual

This Manual identifies top level organization responsibility and authority for, and commitment to, the quality system, including sample corporate quality policy. It shows what has to be done and what is needed to meet the requirements and who is responsible and has the authority for each quality system process.

Quality Policy Manual

Table Of Contents

  1. Company Certification
  2. Management Responsibility and Authority
    • IMH Quality Policy
    • Organization (Responsibility And Authority)
    • Management Review
    • Internal Quality Audits
    • Quality Assurance Organization Chart
    • Corporate Organization Chart
  3. Customer Requirements (Contract Review)
  4. Documentation Requirements (Quality Records)
  5. Purchasing
  6. Production and Service. Realisation
  7. Inspection and Testing
  8. Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
  9. Control Of Non-Conformity
    • Items and Conditions
    • Quality Assurance Team
  10. Handling, Storage, Packaging Preservation and Delivery
  11. Resource Management
  12. Design and Development
    • Planning and Objectives                                                              
    • Design Verification and Validation
    • Design Review
    • Measurement and Analysis
    • Definitions


Quality Assurance Procedures Manual

This Manual supports the commitment made in the Quality Policy Manual. Template procedures and basic forms (with links) establish and maintain the flow of quality system processes, with authority and responsibility.

Quality Assurance Procedures Manual

Table Of Contents

  1. Company Certification
  2. Customer Requirements (Contract Review)
  3. Documentation Requirements
  4. Purchasing
    • Supplier Assessment
    • Purchasing Data
  5. Production Planning and Realisation
    • Process Control
    • Product Identification and Traceability
  6. Inspection and Testing
    • Receiving
    • In‑Process
    • Final
    • Inspection and Test Status
    • Customer-Supplied Items
    • First Article Inspection
  7. Control Of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment
    • Calibration and Control
    • IM & TE Sample List
  8. Control Of Nonconformity
    • Items and Conditions
    • Internal Audits
  9. Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery
  10. Resource Management
  11. Measurement and Analysis
    • Customer Complaints
  12. Design and Development Control


Quality System Internal Audit Checklist Index

Management Responsibility and Authority

Customer Requirements (Contract Review)

Documentation Requirements (Quality Records)


Production Planning and Realisation

Inspection and Testing (Receiving)

Inspection and Testing (In-Process)

Inspection and Testing (Final)

Inspection and Testing (Inspection and Test Status)

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment (IM+TE)

Control of Nonconformity: Items and Conditions

Handling, Storing, Packaging, Preservation & Delivery (Shipping)

Resource Management

Service Realisation – Customer Site

Measurement and Analysis

Design and Development Control