A REMINDER: AS9116 NOTICE OF CHANGE (NOC) Requirements issued in October 2014

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AS9116 can be a standalone requirement or an additional requirement to AS9100D, AS9110 (Aviation Maintenance Organizations) or AS9120 (Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors). It does not apply to ‘build to print’ contracts. Source Control Drawings, Bills of Material, Manufacturing methods and Key components must be considered for their NOC status, i.e., design characteristics and performance… Read more »


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Early identification of customer- implied special requirements or potentially critical items: provides design engineering with valuable information which they can use for design implementation and design history. provides management with acceptance rationale for those requirements or items, identifies the means by which emerging risks can be controlled and mitigated, enables critical design features, tests, inspection… Read more »


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  The documentation trail is critical in the prevention and discovery of suspect, fraudulent and counterfeit parts. You can protect the integrity of your quality system and reduce the likelihood of these parts entering your production chain by checking the following documents: Certificates, packing slips tracing the movement of the material back through supply chain… Read more »

AS9100C: Customer requirements

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Customer requirements: even under normal circumstances, reaching agreement could deplete the energy of Hercules. Suppliers might breathe a sigh of relief and feel a tickbox mode coming on when they see that the requirements include mandated use of parts or suppliers. But what if customer requirements include mandated inferior parts or services that are in conflict… Read more »


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    A new Aerospace Series standard was issued in October 2014: AS9116 Notice of Change (NOC) Requirements. It can be used alone or in addition to AS9100C, AS9110 (Aviation Maintenance) or AS9120 (Distributors).   To complicate matters further, AS9116 is for use with AS9100C which is also going to change in 2016. The AS9100… Read more »

AS9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015

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AS9100:2016 is floating around in draft. I have read it and it doesn’t keep me awake at night. Risk assessment and management are still flavours of the month. Tackling risk assessment and management can be intimidating, but if we can keep our heads when all around are losing theirs we shall not waste time and… Read more »

ANAB, OEMs and AS9100 audits

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According to  recent information which has come my way, prime contractors (OEMs) and standards boards are becoming increasingly concerned about the insufficient depth of AS90XX audit reports, which they are returning to certification boards as unacceptable. Three examples of immediate concern, especially to the aerospace industry, are: DOCUMENT CONTROL (no surprise there) ESPECIALLY CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT… Read more »


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     The draft ISO9001:2015 changes the former “Documentation requirements” to    “Documented information”. Accordingly, this information can refer to:  ” the management system (3.04), including related processes (3.12);   information created in order for the organization to operate (documentation);   evidence of results achieved (records).” So how much documentation can we get rid of? In my… Read more »


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The following certification issues are being considered for clarification by AS Senior Document Representatives, following recent discussions by SDRs, CBs and representatives from industry:   What is considered a single site? (e.g.; a company with three buildings located on three different streets). What is the definition of location? What is considered a ‘lost’ certification? Is… Read more »