The ISO9001 challenge: Training

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First, allow me to wish everyone a very healthy and happy New Year. I hope my blogs will be useful and help you navigate the often stormy waters of quality system management. Training for ISO9001 implementation can often be difficult. For example, I once trained a Quality Assurance Manager who was extremely good at picking… Read more »


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Senior Executives need to be very sure of the commitment, responsibility, authority and extra work loads before they begin developing a formal quality system. Many hours of patient explanation may have to go into preparing senior executives for the application of ISO9001, for example.  My first meeting with senior executives can be very revealing. I… Read more »


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  Not clear how ISO standards would apply to your everyday operations? Not sure you can commit the required resources and energy? Fear the perceived bureaucracy and paperwork that could be involved? BUT you might need an ISO standard for   a new contract requirement entry to a new (to you) or emerging market more… Read more »