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Training for ISO9001 – all employees

The ISO9001 quality management standard: what does it mean for our business?  It means our commitment to:

  • Coherent, connected processes
  • Employee involvement
  • Increased awareness of customer’s needs
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Continuous improvement

How can we meet the above objectives and the requirements of the standard? We can record errors and omissions (nonconformances) that might affect our service to customers, or waste time in our daily work.  This is really important; we can correct errors and omissions AND  recognise the potential for error.

Everyone in the organisation is involved in developing and maintaining a quality system.  Everyone should have an opportunity to suggest changes via the Quality Assurance Team, and be part of the “continuous improvement” required by the standard.

The quality system is not separate from the day-to-day way running of our business;  it IS the way in which we run our business.



Qualidoc ISO Cheat SheetQMS Training: useful questions

An image of the Qualidoc ISO cheat sheet

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