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How do we manage quality system training for employees who are on site for short periods, perhaps only two or three hours or days? For example, many temporary employees are hired by the day from union halls. They will work in many different companies and environments.

I helped to prepare a Pulp Handling Handbook for a marine freight forwarding company, for use in the warehouse by temporary employees. It was very simple with pictures of damaged (nonconforming, unaccept­able) and non-damaged (acceptable) pulp and the applicable forms. Employees who had been on site for only a few hours could recognise a nonconforming situation in a contained environment and inform their immediate supervisors.

These employees often suggested improvements to the quality system based on their experience of conditions and processes along the waterfront. “Best practices” became obvious as more and more employees recognised what was working for them and making the job easier.

No need to discount temporary employees’ contribution to continuous improvement. Best practices discovered during such employees’ brief tenure can translate into improved customer relations and economies of time and labour.

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