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Just received – proposed changes to terminology for the 2015 revision which,  if implemented in the final issue, mean considerable editing of current quality system documentation. I will be suffering; I have to change the offerings on the QUALIDOC website. At least everyone who watches this blog and my website will not be caught napping.

Expected timescales are now-

 Feb 2014- Draft International Standard (or this may be a Committee Draft (2) considering the number of comments received).
Feb 2015- Final Draft International Standard
Sept 2015- Published International Standard

Proposed changes (sample)

  •  “Product” will be referred to  as “goods and services” (but not always)
  •  “Supplier” will be referred to as an “external provider” (but not always)
  •  “Records” as a term no longer exists – it is included in the new term “documented information” (This takes the place of Documentation Requirements).
  •  “Documented Procedure” is included in the new term “documented information”
  •  “Product realization” becomes “realization of goods and services”

 In the current Committee Draft there are no longer requirements for a Quality Manual, Management Representative, and Preventive Action.It will be interesting to see how these are covered; they are important ingredients.

I will be posting more terminology and let you know when my new drafts are available via the website.


Don’t panic – amendments could still be made, but just the removal of the Quality Manual alone is a big change. My Quality Manual comprises the Quality Policy and a separate document for Quality Assurance Procedures.

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