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Is our Statement of Work clearly expressed and accurate?

Do we have regular contract reviews until our responsibility under the contract ceases?

Is our approved subcontractor\suppliers list current and status of suppliers confirmed?

Have we allowed for the various levels of approval required for our product or service which could be critical for invoicing and payment; e.g., government and other prime contractors?

Is our subcontractor/supplier in close competition with others in the market which could lead to cutting corners?

Do we need to know if our subcontractor:

  •  Has an approved subcontractors\suppliers list?
  • Has a risk management plan, especially for contracts involving sole source and distant suppliers?
  • Holds supplementary contract reviews at suitable intervals?  (capacity, labour, supplies)?
  • Has experienced and qualified verification personnel?
  • Has a procedure for handling customer complaints?
  • Has a procedure for distributing contract amendments promptly to affected personnel?



Qualidoc ISO Cheat SheetQMS Training: useful questions

An image of the Qualidoc ISO cheat sheet

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