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Management Reviews of the quality system (quality management) should be scheduled as rigorously as Material Review Boards or other corporate reviews. Agenda items are assigned to the appropriate levels of authority.


A.  Quality Management Representative (QMR) report – status of quality system:

  • results from quality system audits (internal and customer)
  • corrective and preventive action
  • regulatory, industrial and international standard compliance
  • customer complaints
  • quality objectives
  • on-time delivery status

Other authority levels: CEO, Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Operations Director, Financial Director

B.  Actions resulting from risk assessment and management (including use of customer-required parts and services)

C. .Quality objectives (strategies for continuous improvement)

D.  Cost of quality system

E. Benefits of quality system

F. Training

G. Customer satisfaction levels (on-time delivery performance and implied needs)

H. Changes in processes and business strategies that could affect the quality system







Qualidoc ISO Cheat SheetQMS Training: useful questions

An image of the Qualidoc ISO cheat sheet

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